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  • What is Frog Dog K9?
    FrogDog K9 is a 501©(3) dedicated solely to providing service dogs, related equipment and training to Veterans and Gold Star family members across all branches of service including law enforcement and first responders. Our K9 Teams not only test and evaluate K9 gear, we provide demonstrations to raise awareness and donations for our charitable program. If you are interested in learning more about multi-purpose K9’s and assisting the veteran community, you can request a demonstration here.
  • Who does my donation help?
    The sales from FrogDog K9 support the training and development of working dogs that will be donated to disabled veterans 100% free of financial obligation to them. ​ Working K9’s cost tens of thousands of dollars in training, development, equipment, food and shelter to get them ready to serve a disabled veteran in the real world and help them with their everyday lives. FrogDog K9's purpose is to bridge the gap between these valuable assets and the veterans that badly need them.
  • What is a 5326K9?
    5326K9 is a designator for Frog Dog K9 working dogs in training or active service with disabled veterans. The "5326" in the designator is taken from the Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) 5326 Combatant Swimmer, more commonly known as a Navy SEAL or Frogman. A 5326K9 is a designated FrogDog that can go anywhere and do anything - land, sea or air. When you purchase any product from us, a portion of your order goes to our Working Dog Charity and your pup becomes an honorary 5326K9.
  • Can I register or register someone I know for a service animal?
    Yes! Please visit our 'Charity' page and scroll to the bottom. There you will find a link to send us a request. Please be sure to include any and all information you can about why the dog is needed, who it's for and any other information you think will be helpful.
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