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 The Frog Dog K9 Team 

For Frog Dog, the training and testing never stops. That's because the Frog Dog K9 team travels annually to demonstrate and raise awareness for the military working dogs that vitally support our military and law enforcement personnel.

There's over 2,500 military working dogs (MWD)s in the US military with a large percentage of them deployed overseas.

These MWDs are performing some of the most dangerous jobs that the US military performs on a daily basis including surveillance, bomb detection, building clearing and more.


Military working dogs live a high-speed life that takes place on the front lines of conflict and danger - many times in the cockpits of helicopters, trucks and hostile urban environments. These MWDs are masterfully trained to work alongside their special forces operators and perform whatever task the mission calls for.

The Frog Dog K9 demonstration team demos these skills to civilians and military personnel alike to raise awareness and donations for our charitable organization, actively using the 5326K9's that are currently being trained for the program.

Frog Dog K9_Jared McClellan
Giving Back
Jared McClellan_Frog Dog K9

Jared MCCLELLAN & Ronin


Jared McClellan_Frog Dog K9
Jay Kirk

J  KIRK & Hooligan


Jay Kirk & Hooligan

Allen FABIJAN & Phobos


What is a 5326K9?

5326K9 is a designator for Frog Dog K9 working dogs in training or active service with disabled veterans. The "5326" in the designator is taken from the Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) 5326 Combatant Swimmer, more commonly known as a Navy SEAL or Frogman. A 5326K9 is a designated Frog Dog that can go anywhere and do anything - land, sea or air.

When you purchase any product from us, a portion of your order goes to our Working Dog Charity and your pup becomes an honorary 5326K9.

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