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Frog Dog K9 | Jared McClellan

on a mission

FDK9 is developing a Therapy & Training Center on our existing compound. Your donations will help us create an environment where damaged heroes can interact with dogs. K9 therapy is an treatment method that uses the connection between people and dogs to enhance physical and/or emotional healing.

The new developments will include;

  • New private accommodations for the Handler and K9

  • Outdoor kitchen and entertainment area for fireside chats and events

  • Improvements to the existing K9 Training area

  • Completed Handler & K9 Obstacle course around the pond

  • A redesigned 5-story K9 suspension training tower

  • Helicopter Pad

  • New entry gate

  • Expanded parking areas

  • A full Veterinarian Clinic

  • Landscaping Improvements to include; additional Flower & Vegetable Gardens

  • An Orchard

  • New Fencing

  • BMP, Septic and drainage improvements

  • Indoor climatized training facility

  • State-of-the-art dog Kennel House

  • Kennel Master Cabin

  • A Therapy Center for Continuation Care to include;

    • Cold Plunge (K9 & Handler)*

    • Red Light Therapy & Cocoon Wellness (K9 & Handler)*

    • Massage (K9 & Handler)*

    • Chiropractic Care (K9 & Handler)*

    • Meditation, Stretching & Yoga (K9 & Handler)*

    • IV Infusions, Hydration & Wellness (K9 & Handler)*

    • Full Blood Panels (K9 & Handler)*

    • Cognitive Training Sessions

    • Canine Treadmill Station

    • Sound Bath

    • Sauna

    • Float Tank

    • Breath Work

    • O2 Therapy

    • Energy Healing

    • Cupping Therapy

    • Compression Therapy

    • Percussion treatment

    • Exercise Programs*

*Provided by certified and qualified professionals and veterinarians

Our Therapy Programs...

Our Therapy Programs focus on a [humans-helping-dogs-help-humans] approach. Similar to Equine Therapy, this promotes physical and emotional healing, and assist in suicide prevention. Our Training Programs include; K9 Obedience, Environmental Conditioning, Agility, Suspension work and a Service Dog Handler Course.

FDK9 is dedicated to serving those that serve us by assisting; First Responders, Veterans, and Gold Star Family Members in their journey towards healing from PTSD, TBI’s, and other invisible injuries. At the heart of our commitment is the belief in the transformative power of the connection between humans and dogs. This therapeutic process aids in physical and emotional healing for those and their families suffering from trauma and pain. While fostering a sense of connection, routine, purpose, strength and interdependence.

To amplify our impact, we engage in nationwide K9 capability demonstrations, showcasing the abilities of service dogs and working K9’s while advocating for the healing effects of K9 Therapy. As we expand our reach, we actively seek support from the community to fulfill our charitable commitments, whether through financial contributions, equipment donations, or facility enhancements assistance.

Frog Dog K9, Inc. is committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of those who have served our nation. Our mission is guided by compassion, integrity, and a steadfast dedication to the well-being of our nation's heroes.

As a former Navy SEAL...

I have witnessed and learned a lot about the post-war effect on families and friends. I have also had the honor and privilege to work with several organizations providing demonstrations and raising awareness for these same Veterans. Now it's my turn to give back through Frog Dog K9 (a 501(c)(3)). My K9, Storm, has had an incredible impact on my life. I have had several dogs as pets, but never had I achieved the bond that I have with Storm, a female Belgian Malinois. She is forever bringing into focus my understanding and a different way of seeing the world around me. These are very special animals; bred, reared, and trained in a tradition forgotten by most. My thinking was if a K9 can have this much impact on me, I needed to share this experience with others. I never considered having a trained K9 as a companion and I certainly did not understand how beneficial one could be for me and my family. They can provide home protection, retrieve prosthetic limbs, assist in mobility, detect depression and seizures, rebuild trust issues, help with situational awareness, rebuild social interaction and communication breakdowns, and simply bring peace and happiness at times when it is most needed.


Our mission is to provide an environment where damaged heroes can interact with dogs. At the Frog Dog K9 compound we have created a setting where veterans can come and do what they are comfortable doing; i.e. navigating obstacles, shooting, rappelling, fishing, swimming, and spending time with dogs. I quickly realized how bringing guys out here was helping them re-adjust. Now I am working on creating an opportunity to help these veterans heal and navigate the physical and mental aspects of day-to-day living with or without a K9.

Frog Dog K9 Storm
Giving Back
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