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FDK9 Paracord Pendant with Tether

  • This Paracord Pendant with Tether by FrogDog is a rugged 550-spec paracord lanyard designed to fit through and onto a collar with ease. It provides the ability for seamless corrections when the lead is not attached, as well as, an effortless connection for a fast reconnect. If needed, this 550-spec woven pendant can be pulled loose into a long, strong rope you can use in case of emergency.


    Perfect for daily use, taking your dog around town or training.


    Paracord Specs: 550 Paracord – Heavy Duty 7 Strand


    Full Length: 4.5 inches
    Woven Length: 4 inches
    Width: 0.5 inches


    *Collar NOT Included

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